Classroom Rules for Students

“Treat others similar to the way you would like for them to treat you” -[Imam Hasan (as): Bihar al-Anwar]

 In accordance with the above, the following rules are in place throughout the entire year, in all classes and all situations.

  1. Always be your best and do your best
  2. Treat all others and their property with courtesy and respect
  3. Listen to your teacher and to your classroom colleagues when they are speaking
  4. Follow all the instructions given by your teacher
  5. Make sure you bring all appropriate materials to class
  6. Be on time for all lessons and activities
  7. An Islamic dress code should be observed by all
  8. Food, drink, chewing gum, etc. are only to be consumed during break time
  9. Classrooms must be left as clean as they were at the beginning of the day
  10. Valuable items (mobile phones, iPods etc) are to be kept switched off and stored at the  bottom of your bag.

All items are brought in at your own risk.

Confiscated items can only be collected by parents/guardians from the Sunday School administration.

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