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Camp Noor Sunday School
(Ages 4 – 18)

Sundays, 11am – 1pm

Providing children with the opportunity to learn and grow in an Islamic setting, Camp Noor is the perfect introduction to an Islamic education or the continuation of your child’s Islamic Preschool experience. Camp Noor begins with 4 years old to 18 years old. Engaging children in activities that help them relate the curriculum content to their lives in meaningful ways.

Tuition (Fall 2020 Semester)

One Child $50
Two Children $90
Three Children or more $130

Registration happens on rolling basis.

Little Ducklings Toddler Program
(Ages 1 – 3)

Sundays, 11am – 11:40am

Toddler program is an hour long for children ages 1-3 along with their parent/caregivers that includes Islamic themed story time, rhymes, and activities. One Parent/caregiver is required to stay with their child/children for the duration of the entire program.

Tuition (Fall 2020 Semester)


Our goal at Camp Noor is to encourage the development of a positive Muslim identity in our children by teaching rich Islamic history, culture, values, and knowledge of the Holy Quran. We want our children to relate what they learn about Islamic history, culture, values, and Quran to their own lives. Our unique curriculum integrates history, ethics, celebrations, and commemorations into an age-appropriate and developmentally-appropriate program at each grade level from Pre-kindergarten through the 12th grade. Under the strong leadership, an active parents’ community, and eager and committed faculty, the school stresses the Muslim values of taking responsibility for our own actions, respecting all human beings, showing compassion for others, maintaining one’s integrity.

Each camp day begins with an assembly, followed by two forty-five minute sessions during which Islamic Studies and Quran are taught. Discussions to engage children in activities that help them relate curriculum content to their lives in meaningful ways are an integral part of each session. Learning of Arabic, integrated throughout the school day, is geared to familiarity with the beautiful language. Camp gathers together for congregational prayers and lunch.